Website Design

Any website needs a well-structured and organized design to convey its message and information. If there is a mess in designing, it can affect the entire business as it will get failed to establish any relationship with the customers. Your website needs an optimal user experience that further improves the conversion rate.

Logic N Concepts helps businesses with the ultimate designing and redesigning of the websites. We include some key factors for serving the great website experience to our customers. Any website designing is a mix of the right layout and the right colors.

We offer personalized approached to your website designing requirements. We need to understand your urge with the website along with your ideas. Firstly, we understand every requirement carefully. After listening to your brand, we proceed for the designing phase and putting your ideas into a digital platform.

Our team members are serving the customers with their valuable experience. We are gearing up for your business with our website performance and its responsive designing as well. Our motive is to keep the website simple and compelling; so that the audience finds it engaging and informed!

Website Development

A business not only needs a website but also seeks a performance from the same. Dynamic or static website creation includes many back-end functions to complete the online inquiry and much more. Result-Oriented website design and thoughtful website development are necessary for creating a worth online appearance for any business.

Logic N Concepts offers dynamic website development services with its cutting edge performance. From small to large scale projects, we handle the complexities of functions and their performances.

When it comes to websites, we believe in variations of thoughts. You can not consider anything similar between the two businesses. Even if they do prefer to the same industry, there must exist a variation in performance and requirements. Therefore, we are chosen by many businesses to develop bespoke websites.

We have adopted a focussed project management approach and an agile methodology to deploy for website development. Our team members are breaking down the entire task into small segments that are combined together for overall development. Every smaller module of the larger development seeks attention and wisdom for better implementation. We are improving our system with our every task to understand and tackle more possible complexities.

Logic N Concepts uses a wide range of tools for creating websites, web portals and applications, which are easy to use and maintain as well. We build a website with the best open-source platform to keep your business secure and update with cutting-edge technology. Our dedicated team members or web developers are working through various strategies for building engaging and functional websites. We are using PHP optimized programming codes along with MySQL, Magento, AJAX, and many more technologies.

Mobile Applications

The success of any business campaign depends upon how they promote. When it comes to promotions and grips, nothing can really beat the smartphones’ performances. The usages of smartphones are defying many other marketing strategies. Therefore, companies are meticulously utilizing the platform and opportunity to make their own room in people’s phones.

Logic N Concepts provides mobile app development services to differentiate a business from others. We are emphasizing the meaning of mobile application with our technical endeavors. Our applications are charming and easy-to-use that can be handled by the users with a few instructions. Our experienced app developers and designers are working to understand your purpose behind the idea.

We need to know the industry of business and the target audience to suggest the most effective mobile app. Our every team member looks forward to your knowledge and comprehends the same in easy words. We are deploying the latest technologies and researches for soothing our customers’ journeys to their audience.

Mobile devices are constantly evolving with their software and hardware functionalities. Mobile phones are gradually covering a big part of everyday lives. We own the specialization in iOS and Android App development –


When Apple launched the iPhone, it targeted some rich people. But gradually, iPhones are becoming a part of many lives. The amazing functionalities and cost of the phones propel the users to buy it. Our iOS App Development team preserves great ideas to build the relevant app for targetting the preferred audience.


Android phones are very usual these days as people are carrying it as their mandate asset. The operating system is developed by Google and people are finding it very user-friendly. Our team members are understanding the platforms and harnessing your app requirements with the same.

Let’s have an overview of three paths to enter the mobile app market and to know the terms better –


In this way, the developers are expected to code for a specific mobile platform. These apps can be operated offline in dynamic ways. An exclusive API is used to give it a more intuitive look.


This is a great opportunity for the business to enter in the mobile sphere with a great financial investment. It is an inexpensive option, where our team offers a responsive web app that doesn’t seek approval from the app store.


These apps are written in one programming language that gets converted and starts functioning across Android and iOS devices. Therefore, it is also called a cross-platform app to cover the market quickly and effectively.

AMC Services

Creating a website or application is not the only thing that a business should do. There are many more relevant requirements that are necessary to keep your performance up-to-date. With the new emerging technologies and industry standards, there is a need to keep evolving.

Logic N Concepts is here to look after your website for improvements. We are doing everything for your website and its performance with the Annual Maintenance Contract service. We are delivering the service in a cost-effective manner that keeps your website secure and updated to challenge business growth.

Our website maintenance program ensures both the short and long-term success of your online performance. Our AMC Services are based on four essential pillars, which are explained here –


Our job is to ensure your website’s performance and to serve the purpose, we monitor various relevant activities. Additionally, we offer a detailed report of those check-ups to our clients if they want to go through with our every activity. We ensure that your website is bug-free with our regular check-ups and improvements.


Any website is a result of functions and technicalities. We are making sure that every form of function works properly. We check for any possible broken links that can later affect the SEO health as well. Our tech support team will keep you informed if you are having any queries to know and explore.


We are availing our clients with the maintenance program of adding and editing the content whenever it is required. As we take a full backup of everything before any major changes in the website, it becomes easier to update anything. If anything goes wrong, we are ready to handle the situation with our taken backups.


Our service includes security implementations to prevent your website from hacking, malware, and viruses as well. We ensure our clients that everything goes well and our every team member considers your security at utmost priority. We resolve any hacks and virus related troubles as soon as possible and offer you a complete virgin website.

Digital Marketing

The Internet is gradually getting dense with every passing day. With its evolution, businesses are also getting a meadow to walk for reaching success. Various ways are here that can be optimized for digital marketing. Digital marketing techniques are used by small and big businesses to gather more potential customers. Companies can build their brand image and generate more leads through digital marketing. Along with this, many techniques are here that can nurture their customer relationships.

Logic N Concepts is handling the digital marketing approaches of any company and differentiating its worth from traditional marketing. We help to increase brand awareness and to improve customer relationships. The digital marketing expenditures are worth as the results are flourished.

Many surveys have talked about digital marketing and its impacts. We are hitting the top of the list with our efforts and strategies. We are proposing a list of strategies that can serve your business on the digital platform. It depends on the individual’s needs and preference what perfectly suits to your business in terms of benefits -


This is a tricky kind of digital marketing where the agency needs to play with words to promote your business. It doesn’t directly advertise the work but it stimulates the readers and their interest. Social media is an integral part of content marketing where we are floating the content in concern to attract the readers.


People are spending their time on various social media platforms. Therefore, these are the best ways to collect their attention and to build brand awareness. Here, we can use their attention and drag that vigilance to know about your services. All you need is to use the idea in the most planned manner.


More traffic on the website means higher chances of lead conversion. Search Engine Optimization is such a technique that given a better rank to your business when a person searches through keywords. This is an art of ranking a business high on a search engine in the unpaid section. We can create the magic through SEO technique and our efforts can be measured through increased traffic.


This is an updated version of sending cards what the businesses were using previously. Email-blast is a technique where a single email is sent to hundreds of customers to advertise something. When people are receiving advertisements through email, they can click there to explore more and that can ultimately avail the profits to the company.


This type of digital marketing includes automated repetitive tasks, including emails, social media posts, and many similar ones. The only goal is to generate more and more leads every time. We can offer the service as a combined package where a company will not need to start the campaigns separately.

UI/UX Design

UI designs are referred to as the user interface whereas UX designs are about user experience. Both are integral parts of IT products where a company needs many things to explore. These are crucial IT products to work. Both the designs play their roles differently with the involvement of their distinct processes.

Logic N Concepts has a skilled team to perform UI and UX designs. They both are worth defining each other’s success. A beautiful design can not save an interface if not performed brilliantly. Perfect and appropriate navigation is the need. We work on both UI and UX designs to ensure the flawless execution of anything.

You are at the right place if you are having any of these requirements like Logo, Brochure, Banners, Flyers and any other similar ones. Here are the professionals to create innovative designs with amazing services and understandings.

We aim to avail our clients with advantageous services with creativity and innovations. Our professional designers are having specialized in the creative solutions that they offer to clients for their promotions and advertisements.